Mission, Vision, Values


To engage, inform, and mobilize young voters in Prince Edward Island. 

To increase youth voter turnout and help reduce the voting gap between youth and other demographics.

To educate and engage citizens under voting age in civic life in order to empower incoming voters and foster positive attitudes about civic engagement as early as possible.


Higher voter turnout: Youth have high voter turnout rates and uphold Prince Edward Island’s proud and unique history of involved and enthusiastic citizens.

Informed youth: A province where youth are informed about and actively engaged with civic life. 

Valued voice: Youth are a valued voice in our democracy. 


Non-partisanship: Youth GOTV is a non-partisan organization, meaning our focus will be on presenting fair, accurate, and impartial information about all parties and candidates so that voters can make informed decisions at the polls. We will not endeavour to support or push one candidate or party over another. In our events and all other voter engagement efforts, we will strive to provide all candidates and parties with equal opportunity to engage. We will be transparent about any relevant affiliations of our Group Organizers. To see a list of all of the affiliations of our group members, click here. 

Inclusivity: Youth in Prince Edward Island are a diverse group with many different backgrounds and life experiences. The Youth GOTV will strive to respect and honour these differences by ensuring that we are providing platforms and spaces which are as accessible as possible so that we are engaging and amplifying as many voices as we can.

Innovation: We will strive to take innovative approaches to our education and mobilization efforts so that we can engage young voters in exciting and captivating ways which will inspire continued interest and engagement in civic life.

Community: We will strive to take a localized approach whenever and wherever possible. We will build off the strength of our communities by engaging community members and partners in our efforts.