Member Code of Conduct


  • Group: the Young Voters of Prince Edward Island group.

  • Organizer: One of the identified organizing members of the group.

  • Volunteer: Any person who aides with and/or is involved in some capacity with carrying out the work of the group.

Organizer, Volunteer, and Group Conduct

Professionalism: The Group shall carry out its activities with professionalism and center itself on the concept of serving the youth community.


  • Young Voters of Prince Edward Island recognizes that political parties play an important role in our democracy, and those who have been (or are currently) involved in partisan politics possess knowledge and experience which can be helpful in informing the Group’s voter education and mobilization efforts. However, given that non-partisanship is one of the core values of the Group, those with partisan affiliations must adhere to strict rules of conduct if they choose to involve themselves with the Group’s efforts.

  • Organizers and Volunteers will be required to disclose any current and past affiliations with political parties, both at the federal and provincial level. 

    • Affiliations include: 

      • membership with a party;

      • employment with a party or its affiliates;

      • volunteer work with a party; 

      • Any donations to a political party over $250; or

      • any other activities which could reasonably be perceived as support for a party. 

  • In the interest of transparency, the party affiliations of Organizers will be posted publicly on the Group website. Volunteers must disclose their affiliations to Organizers but will not be posted publicly.

Conflict of interest:

  • In serving as a Young Voters of Prince Edward Island Organizer, you shall put organizational goals before personal goals, and put the best interests of the group ahead of individual desires.

  • Each Organizer shall disclose all potential and actual conflicts of interest, including each institutional affiliation they have that might possibly involve a conflict of interest (such as involvement with another group with overlapping goals and missions). Such disclosure does not preclude or imply ethical impropriety.

Media & Communications: 

  • All media inquiries are to be forwarded to and handled by Ronnie McPhee, who is responsible for media relations.

  • No Organizer or Volunteer will participate in interviews with media unless approved by Ronnie.

  • Information that the Group chooses to disseminate to the media, policy makers, or the public must be accurate, presented with proper context, and within the scope of our mission. 

  • The Group shall provide communication channels for the public should they wish to make inquiries regarding the group and its activities. 

Code of Conduct: Each Organizer and Volunteer shall be made aware of the group’s Code of Conduct and the Code shall be posted publicly on the Group’s website.

Upholding mission, vision, and values: Members will engage with the Group in the spirit of our mission and will engage in a positive and inclusive manner.

Confidentiality: The Group shall maintain the confidentiality of personal information on Group Organizers, Volunteers, and any others who may engage with the group, unless the individuals waive this right, or disclosure is required by law. If the Group collects information from Organizers, Volunteers, or members of the public, it will only be used for the stated purpose.

Partnerships, Collaboration, and Networking

Mission Consistency: The group shall collaborate with other entities only if the relationship is consistent with the mission of the group.

Shared Values: The group shall collaborate on the basis of shared values, common ground, and for the good of society.

Mutual Benefit: The group shall collaborate on the basis of equitable and genuine mutual benefit to each organization.

Transparency: Collaboration shall allow financial transparency (if applicable) and a two-way flow of information, ideas, and experiences.